Schmitz auf Kaution entlassen: Dotcom ’not flight risk‘, gets bail – NZ Herald News

Schmitz auf Kaution entlassen

Dotcom 'not flight risk', gets bail - Crime - NZ Herald News

Wie der NZ Herald soeben berichtete ist Kim Schmitz / Dotcom auf Kaution entlassen worden. Es wird aktuell nicht von Fluchtgefahr ausgegangen. Unter folgenden Auflagen durfte er das Gefägnis vorerst verlassen:

– keine Internet Nutzung

– er muss sich in der gekauften und mittlerweile beschlagnahmten Villa in Coatesville aufhalten.

– keine Hubschrauber Nutzung

– er darf sich nicht mehr als 80km von dem Haus entfernen

Hier der original Bericht:

Dotcom ’not flight risk‘, gets bail

Megaupload millionaire Kim Dotcom has been granted bail after a judge decided he was not enough of a flight risk to keep in custody.

The website’s founder and three of his associates have appeared in the North Shore District Court this morning.

(c) Grahame Cox/Fairfax NZ

New Zealand police raided Kim Dotcom’s $30 million rented mansion at Coatesville at dawn on January 20, at the request of US authorities.

Dotcom and three of his associates, Mathias Ortmann, Bran van der Kolk and Finn Batato, are accused of internet piracy.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking to extradite them to the United States to face charges of conspiring to commit racketeering, conspiring to commit money laundering, copyright infringement, and aiding and abetting copyright infringement over the internet through the website Megaupload.

Additional charges of criminal copyright infringement and wire fraud have also since been filed by US authorities.

Dotcom’s associates had all earlier been granted bail.

The prosecution had argued that because Dotcom was „a wealthy man“ he must have significant resources available to him and would be able to fund an escape from New Zealand.

(c) Grahame Cox/Fairfax NZ

However, a North Shore District Court Judge Nevin Dawson has found that there had been no new significant asset seizures since his mansion was raided and he was arrested.

„The disposition that he is wealthy and must have more assets is not evidence.

„It would seem that he has every reason to stay (in New Zealand) to be with his family and to fight to keep his significant assets,“ Judge Dawson said.

Dotcom’s lawyer argued that his client should be allowed to have access to the internet while on bail, despite strong opposition, saying it is a fundamental form of communication for him to prepare his defence with overseas lawyers.

The prosecution had raised concerns that Dotcom had three passports under different names, which it argued made him a flight risk.

There was a black bag containing a passport next to his bed when he was arrested.

However, Judge Dawson said there was no evidence that these passports had been used illegally.

He was also of the view that Dotcom would probably have kept the black bag with him when he fled to a safe room when police raided his property if he intended to leave the country.

„One would have thought he would have kept the bag with him if that’s what it was for.“

He was granted bail on the condition that he does not use the internet.

He is to reside at his Coatesville property and is not to use a helicopter.

He is also not to travel more than 80km from the property.

If he needs to travel further for an appointment he must notify police at least 24 hours prior, unless it is a medical emergency.

via Dotcom ’not flight risk‘, gets bail – Crime – NZ Herald News.


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