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Who is Kim Dotcom’s wife?

Currently pregnant with twins, Mona Dotcom sparked an online storm when she appeared at court to support her husband earlier in the week – how had the beautiful wife of a multi-millionaire managed to stay out of the spotlight?

Kim Dotcom and his wife Mona

An online search for Mona Dotcom brings up very little information except the news stories of the past weeks – no clues to her background or upbringing.

Even her nationality is unclear, although some websites suggest she is a former model from the Philippines.

She and Dotcom have three previous children together – two sons and a daughter – and relocated to New Zealand in 2009.

Evidently adored by Dotcom, Mona is reported to have spent New Years’ Eve watching thousands of dollars’ worth of fireworks paid for by her husband.

A question mark now hovers over Mona’s involvement in Megaupload, with speculation that she is now being investigated for her role in the company.

Dotcom was arrested in February and is awaiting extradition to the United States, where he is facing charges of racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering in relation to Megaupload.

He is currently on bail and has been granted $32,650 to live off for three weeks, after seeking significantly more at a High Court hearing.

Dotcom and his wife sought $28,000 a month to pay for household expenses and an additional $29,000 for staff and maintenance costs for their $10 million mansion.

Dotcom says he wants to stay in New Zealand and raise his children here.

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